Berlin Notebook Editions

Edition 2

200 hand numbered copies
48 pages, Riso printed in Berlin on 100% recycled paper

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  “The most inspiring introduction to a writer’s notebook.”
– R. Barnes, Berlin Evening Standard

“The coolest thing about this book is that you can actually use it as a notebook!”
– J. Farinelli, Writer’s Quarterly

“A wonderful independent art book.”
– S. Levin, Paper Art Journal

Edition 1

Is it a book? Or is it a notebook? Get your copy now and figure it out!

This notebook anthology is a tribute to the handwritten poetry of Berlin’s Whisky & Words community. Over the course of a year, poets, writers and wordsmiths have contributed to several notebooks with their stories and poems, which were circulated between the performers each month at Keith bar in Neukölln. A few of these words have been selected for this faithfully printed edition in a unique notebook anthology that serves for reading, writing and creating. With poems and stories by: Tuli, H. L. Reid, Alex Rezdan, Kiana Minkie, Ida Loggert, J.B., Nesrin Kozan and Belle Tohrp.

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You can also get a copy at the monthly Whisky & Words Events.

If you always wanted to see how books are (hand) made, watch our Making of Berlin Notebook Edition 1 video!