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The Old Fritz

Frederick the Great or “The Old Fritz”, the former King of Prussia giving his blessings to ...

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Interview with Sebastian Mayer

Sebastian Mayer is a photographer with an unruly, curious eye. He is well-known to magazine readers all ...

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Say hello to Kuru!

© 2019 Kuru. @convolutes Kuru is a lifelong notebook lover, whose passion for writing was rekindled ...

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Meet Tyler

© Tyler Roach 2018. @tylerroach A year ago, Tyler traveled across the world chasing the girl ...

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Berlin Notebook now in R.S.V.P.

We are pleased to announce that starting from today you can find Berlin Notebook together with ...

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Review: Berlin Notebook on the Penna Möter Papper podcast (in Swedish)

If kötbullar isn’t the only word you understand in Swedish then you might enjoy listening to the ...

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Making notes somewhere in Iceland

This amazing posstcard just came in from Iceland. Thank you Amber! Get your Berlin Notebook today:

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Making notes in Visby, Sweden

Miriam (IG: @planner_on_cruise) took her Berlin Notebook with her on a summer trip to Sweden. She ...

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Making notes in Brussels, Belgium

Cheers from Brussels! Get yours today:

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Making notes in Stuttgart, Germany

Notebook with a view! Get your Berlin Notebook today:

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