Berlin Notebook now in Rosa Wolf

If you are looking for a new spot to hang out this spring, you should definitely check Rosa Wolf at Eberswalder Straße 32. Just a couple of steps from the busy subway station you will find an enjoyably relaxed post-hipsterical café/bookstore offering a delightful combination of great coffee and cool international magazines. A perfect place to meet your friend or to start a new page in your Berlin Notebook.

See the map at our Store Locator.

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Making notes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well, what can we add to this? Cheers!

Thanks for Alex for this perfect snapshot. Btw. Alex is writer and you can read his short story “That moment when time stopped.” in our Whisky & Words  Berlin Notebook edition:

Berlin Notebook now in ocelot bookstore

Our favorite holiday shopping cheat for Berlin:

  1. go to the ocelot bookstore
  2. order a cup of coffee and leaf through the newspapers on the table
  3. order another cup of coffee and enjoy watching people in the store or on the street
  4. buy Berlin Notebook for each of your friends
  5. take a walk home

See the map at our Store Locator.