Caroline Corleone

Caroline Corleone for Berlin Notebook
Caroline Corleone. © Berlin Notebook 2020.

Caroline Corleone is a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. She studied Fine Arts & Painting at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and received her degree as Meisterschülerin in 2015. She has held artist residencies in several European countries, and her work has been shown at a variety of venues, amongst them group- and solo exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria. Caroline Corleone is represented by the Viennese Gallery Krobath.

Caroline Corleone’s art touches on the fundamental painting movements of the past decades as abstract expressionism or color field painting. However, being on the pulse of time, she often finds inspiration in post-media strategies of copying and digital montage: She likes to use fabrics, plays wildly with patterns, or draws with her sewing machine on canvas. Her artworks draw the bow between the real, the digital, and the painted: Artificial forms of imitated nature meet urban interventions, abstract brushstrokes cross fragments, and leftovers of repetitive digital patterns.

During art school in 2013, I made a radical cut in my artistic practice, starting to use only one color: Pink. While I immersed more and more into the color, I found many examples of activists using pink to scream out their claim. Since then, pink is like a theme or a refrain that keeps coming back in most of my paintings and series. Pink as a symbol of resistance as an alert sign for equity, justice, and humanity. Pink is always the rebel, the subversive protagonist – whether it’s paint or yarn or print. And now: ink!

Caroline Corleone

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