Berlin Notebook now in Rosa Wolf

If you are looking for a new spot to hang out this spring, you should definitely check Rosa Wolf at Eberswalder Straße 32. Just a couple of steps from the busy subway station you will find an enjoyably relaxed post-hipsterical café/bookstore offering a delightful combination of great coffee and cool international magazines. A perfect place to meet your friend or to start a new page in your Berlin Notebook.

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Berlin Notebook now in ocelot bookstore

Our favorite holiday shopping cheat for Berlin:

  1. go to the ocelot bookstore
  2. order a cup of coffee and leaf through the newspapers on the table
  3. order another cup of coffee and enjoy watching people in the store or on the street
  4. buy Berlin Notebook for each of your friends
  5. take a walk home

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Berlin Notebook in the bookstore of the Academy of Arts

Did you know that  the Academy of Arts (or Akademie der Künste) is home of the best bookstore Unter den Linden? Next time your are taking pictures of the monumental Brandenburg Gate or visiting the Academy of Arts for an event or an exhibition, check the bookstore at the entrance. And if you need a little Berlin souvenir for your friends or yourself, you can’t go wrong with Berlin Notebook!

You can find Berlin Notebook also in the AdK bookstore at Hanseatenweg 10. See the map at our Store Locator.

Berlin Notebook now in Books People Places

Books People Places is a Berlin book deli, serving the finest food for thought in the fields of architecture, urbanism and related critical studies. The small bookstore on a history-charged side street in Schöneberg offers a wonderful selection of rare publications from independent publishers difficult to find elsewhere. We highly recommend you to check the newly furnished coffee bar within Books People Places – a refreshing collaboration with Wood Grouse Coffee. You can also make a note and buy a Berlin Notebook too!

Do you Motto? Yes, we do.

If you are into magazines, rare artists’ publications or experimental bibliophile editions, you will love Motto. One of the richest art book temples in Berlin is located in an inconspicuous backyard on Skalizer Straße. Be aware when entering the store: It’s almost impossible to leave it without your new favorite book! In case you are overwhelmed by the variety of the choice on offer, remember, you can’t go wrong with Berlin Notebook!

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Mind the gap!

Even I’m quite tempted not to skip my obligatory introduction to aesthetics of the gap (or “Lücke”), I begin in medias res:

L¨cke Laden is the coolest concept store, the smallest gallery, the finest souvenir shop and the craziest storyselling project you can experience in Berlin these days. See the iconic L¨cke Laden at the Nordbahnhof before it becomes one of the top 10 must-see places in town. And if you are already there, get a Berlin Notebook too!

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Berlin Notebook now in the Kisch & Co. bookstore at nGbK

Next time you visit the nGbK gallery – without doubts one of the greatest independent art institutions in town – stop at the wonderful bookstore Kisch & Co. located at the entrance and buy a book (or two, or three if you want to show your support for the cultural variety in Kreuzberg). We are very happy that, starting from today, you can find Berlin Notebook also in the Kisch&Co bookstore!

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Berlin Notebook now at BELLE-ET-TRISTE

Finally, you can buy Berlin Notebook also in Wedding. Next time you walk down the Müllerstraße between Seestr. and Leopoldplatz, turn into Amsterdamer Str. and check the very authentic atmosphere of BELLE-ET-TRISTE bookstore. (What a wonderful wordplay!) You probably won’t find a better source of literature from and about Wedding – a must see for all Wedding fans!

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