Unique corporate gift idea for your next Berlin event

If you’ve ever tried to organize an event you know how hard it is to find the perfect gifts for the goodie bag.

You want something unique, locally produced, environmentally and socially sustainable. Something with value for people so they can use it during the event and maybe even when it’s over. It shouldn’t be too kitschy or too expensive. At the same time, it shouldn’t look cheap or boring. You are looking for something people would like to take home as a souvenir to remember the great event.

Our conference attendees loved the little Berlin Notebooks!

Paul, Event Manager

You would also like to get something customized for your event. Still, your budget is restricted, and your time schedule is pretty tight.

We know these challenges very well from our own experiences. That’s why we came up with a simple creative solution for you: a customized Berlin Notebook.

Why customized Berlin Notebook is the perfect corporate gift for your event?

1. People love Berlin Notebook. For many, the little pocket notebook is a question of attitude. We do not need to make notes with a pencil or a fountain pen on a piece of paper anymore. However, the more we are dependent on the use of touchscreens and keyboards the more we tend to appreciate the beauty of analog notetaking. That’s also why so many people can identify with our slogan You are what you note.

Photo by @convolutes

2. Connect with the authentic spirit of the city. Berlin Notebook isn’t a cheap souvenir produced abroad with the intention to earn money with tourists. It was designed in Berlin to capture and celebrate the untamed spirit of the city and provide an inspirational foundation for the creative process. This idea is also transported by the original typography by the well-known Berlin typographer Verena Gerlach on the cover.

Berlin Notebook Edition 3.1 by Emmi Bluhm
Original Artwork on the cover of Berlin Notebook by Emmi Bluhm.

3. Let’s speak the notebooks for themselves! Finest, ink-friendly, 100% recycled paper, locally produced. Environmentally, socially, and culturally sustainable. Check!

We stumbled upon Berlin Notebook while we were looking for an environmentally conscious giveaway for our Berlin-based corporate event. The fact that the notebooks are locally produced and made of 100% recycled paper was crucial for our decision. We considered other options too. However, unlike random, mass-produced stationery, with Berlin Notebook as an original Berlin brand, we were able to authentically underline the local and sustainable aspects of our event.

Klara, Marketing Manager

4. Fast production and delivery. We always have some Berlin Notebooks in stock. That’s why we can offer you fast production and delivery. CO2-compensated, of course.

5. Customization through a banderole gives you enough creative freedom to bring your message to your audience effectively.

This is how it works

  1. Tell us something about your project. You can reach us via email at hello@berlin-notebook.com or use the form below.
  2. Choose the notebook edition. We do recommend the original Berlin Notebook but you can choose from all other currently available formats and editions.
  3. Find the perfect banderole design. Our experienced design team will gladly help you navigate through the process, or even do the whole design and layout work for you.
  4. You will receive the individualized notebooks about 1-2 weeks after the print layout was approved.

The whole process from the initial idea through the design concept to the order delivery worked very smoothly. Thank you Berlin Notebook team!

Adam, Project Asisstant

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