Interview with Emiliano Passaro

My today’s interview guest is the Italian writer Emiliano Passaro.

Some of you may already know Emiliano as the author of the Berlin Notebook Edition 2. With our art book editions, we want to explore the creative tension between printed and handwritten texts. Emiliano Passaro’s approach to this literary experiment was very unique. He wrote a poetic foreword to a writer’s notebook. His words run as a thin line through the whole notebook and invite the readers to engage with them; to fill the empty space above and below the line of words with their own thoughts. If you’re looking for an inspiring present or if you want to break through your own writer’s block, take a look at this art book. Or is it a notebook? You can still get one of the 200 hand-numbered copies here:

Recently I called Emiliano to talk with him about the main themes of his upcoming book “Fragili Binari”.

Photo: © Sebastian Mayer

1 thought on “Interview with Emiliano Passaro”

  1. Fascinating interview, with some excellent insights. An interesting dynamic happens between the written word contrasting with the band of text and ideas on the notebook pages – they act as ‘cues the way a stage manager prompts an actor from the wings.

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