Paetrick Schmidt

Portrait of Paetrick Schmidt
Paetrick Schmidt

Paetrick Schmidt is a German illustrator and visual artist. Originally from northeast Germany, the Berliner-by-choice studied design, art & illustration in Wismar, Berlin, and Leipzig. Art lovers could experience his works in a series of group and solo exhibitions in Germany, Japan, the USA, and Poland.

Paetrick Schmidts’ distinctive visual style is characterized by his ability to distill rich narratives in seemingly simple figurative compositions, often covered with complex layers of unusual interpretations, self-reflection, and irony. His remarkable postdigital dioramas are the best example of his playful, border-crossing artistic approach with strong attention to detail.

In Summer 2020, Paetrick Schmidt became an artist-in-residence at the Blue Goat Gallery in Berlin. He entered the white cube of a gallery with just a pile of papers, some brushes, and a big bottle of the Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 ink. The extreme reduction of materials and color led to a fantastic explosion of motives; and to a beautiful series of paintings. We are happy to present them to you on our website.

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