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Berlin Notebook Edition – Original Berlin Art Books since 2017.

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Get inspired by our original art books!
Limited editions. Hand-numbered copies.

What would a real Berlin Notebook look like? A notebook in which the city itself would take its notes? Around 2016 we started to play with the idea of a printed book that could be used as a notebook too.  Following year we were able to publish the first Berlin Notebook Edition in collaboration with the Whisky & Words spoken word event. The positive echo we’ve received led us to Edition 2, Edition 3, Edition 4.

Each of our Berlin art book editions tells a different story – that’s the most exciting part! Each edition features authentic content and creative book design. The only common thing is the book format that corresponds to the original Berlin Notebook. Also, we print all our art books in collaboration with the fine art Riso printing studio We make it.

Is it a book? Or is it a notebook? You decide.