If you enjoy writing with fountain pens you are familiar with the challenges of finding the best combination of paper, pen, ink or nib that fits your handwriting style. You probably love those challenges! You also know, that at the end, it’s not about the perfect combination. The way is the goal. Writing with fountain pens opens a space of possibilities and discovery. The exploration drives your curiosity and passion. The same applies to a decent tea, notably to those teas which can be brewed two or more times. Similar to a good wine, the taste of a good tea develops with time. Each infusion is different and you are more than welcome to get off the beaten track of recommended preparation and try something new.

Most certainly you will find something new, something beautiful, something you were not looking for. With this in mind we created our first noteworthy tea selection for you.


To highlight the holistic experience of handwriting and drinking tea we asked the japanese visual artist YUKI MIKAMI to create a series of original artworks for our collection. In her works she continuously explores the relationship between painting, calligraphy and handwriting. We are very delighted to present you her works together with our tea selection.

Make a note. Take a sip.


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