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Blue blue but different. Berlin Notebook’s No. 1 signature blue ink inspires your everyday handwriting with an extraordinary color depth, a well-balanced coppery sheen, and a perfect flow. Its highly expressive character makes you want to discover more. It’s undoubtedly the most bluetiful ink out there!

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“12,99 aber richtig gut. Richtig gutes Zeug.”

“Each time I was working on this specific color composition, a congenial song appeared regularly on my playlist. “Richtig gutes Zeug” (“A really great stuff” in English) by Deichkind. I think it wasn’t by coincidence.”
– Viktor Walter

Blue blue but different. Berlin Notebook’s No. 1 signature blue ink inspires your everyday handwriting with an extraordinary color depth, a well-balanced coppery sheen, and a perfect flow. Its highly expressive character makes you want to discover more. It’s undoubtedly the most bluetiful ink out there!

Handwriting is a means of expression for individuality and creativity. This fountain pen ink was designed to take you on a beautiful and exciting detour from the keyboards and touchscreens. It will inspire your writing hand and help you to redefine your personal handwriting style. Fill in your favorite fountain pen and make a note.

Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 is a unique fountain pen ink composition by the contemporary painter Viktor Walter.


“It’s by far the most special blue ink I’ve ever owned or seen.”
“The amazing No. 1 is a killer.”
“If you like rich blues you will love this one!”

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  • 30 ml bottle of a premium fountain pen ink
  • very rich blue color with a slight coppery sheen
  • hand-made
  • packed in a paper box
  • Made in Germany

Please notice: The experience of fountain pen ink depends heavily on the context. The type of the fountain pen, size of the nib, quality of the paper, writing style, and even the environment’s temperature and humidity may all strongly influence the ultimate experience of a fountain pen ink.

This water-based ink provides the best possible ink flow in various fountain pens. However, we recommend that you shake the ink bottle before filling up the fountain pen because of the used colors’ intensity

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6 reviews for Blue No. 1

  1. Robert Garcia

    I’m very fond of this ink. It has a rich, vibrant color, and the copper sheen is a subtle touch that delicately accents harder strokes, but without being garish. I find this pen works especially well with wetter nibs that allow for more variation in line thickness. I use it in my Vintage MB 146. I was a bit hesitant to use it with the splint ebonite feed (I was afraid of how the sheen would be absorbed by the ebonite – but it has not caused any issues.

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  2. Johan Gustaphzon

    It smells nothing which is always a plus. The color is dark blue with high saturation, some shading, and a red sheen. It is a neutral blue that does not draw against purple, which is the case with many other blue inks. I think it is reminiscent of Majestic Blue from Diamine, Blue No. 1 is a little darker but has an equivalent sheen. But unlike Majestic, it behaves very well and does not smudge. It is a wetter ink that writes instantly, even after a few days of rest. Had no problems with threading or that it dries on the tip. In addition to the Berlin Notebook, I have also tested on paper from Maruman, Rhodia, and Midori. They behave differently on all papers just as it should. The color and sheen also vary. I prefer the ink without sheen as it is on Rhodia and in their own book. But on Maruman and Midori, it becomes too much sheen to work in my daily notes. I am very fond of the blue color and hope there will be a variant without gloss. The drying time is between 10–25 seconds. I had no major problems when I washed after a few days. Even after forgetting the pen inked for a week, there were no problems washing. It required many rinses but left no residue.

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  3. Wei Dee

    Blue No. 1 is a lovely wet ink, with the brilliance of a blue that stands out among the many blues around. It is dark and intense enough to be used at work but the red sheen, subtle yet it’s obvious that it’s there, adds a variance to the ink. For an ink as intense and saturated as Blue No. 1, it is a breeze to wash, without any staining. Waiting for the package to fly across the globe requires some patience but that adds to the anticipation and excitement of receiving this beautiful ink in the mail!!

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  4. Philipp Haack

    Definitely one of my favourite blue inks. The color is a very deep blue with a good amount of shading. I especially love to use this blue on the Rhodia dotpad and in the Berlin Notebook.

    The ink is more on the wet side and flows very well in any of my fountain pens. The ink behaviour on the Berlin Notebook paper is a perfect match IMO. I often use finer nibs and you have no feathering or bleed through. When you use a broader nib you will definitely have more shading.

    Definitely a recommendation.

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  5. Rodrigo H.

    Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 is currently my favourite ink. It is a gorgeous blue with a lot of character. It behaves pretty differently depending on the nib size and paper. I have tried it on Tomoe River and MD Paper with medium, fine, and extra-fine nibs. Every combination yields a different and beautiful result with no feathering or bleeding. It also works quite well with Berlin Notebook’s recycled paper (particularly with medium nibs). The ink takes a bit to dry and can smudge, especially on more satinated papers, so be careful if you are left-handed. I have not had time to draw with it, but I believe it can yield exciting results.

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  6. João Paulo Delgado

    I usually find blue inks very disappointing. Berlin No 1, however, is exactly what I was looking for. Although it is a true blue, it is dark, intense, and vibrant. I love its saturation and shading. Interestingly, it has a little sheen, in a very subtle, suitable red. The flow is perfect, as the ink works well with most pens and papers.

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