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Kuru is a lifelong notebook lover, whose passion for writing was rekindled while tracing the footsteps of writers passing through Berlin from St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, San Francisco, Mexico City, Alexandria, Tokyo, Seoul…. A scholar of art and literature, Kuru’s preferred mode of research is travel and her constant companions are her favorite notebooks and fountain pens, cherished for their simple practical beauty. Writing, sketching, and watercoloring have helped her to capture the unpredictable yet ceaselessly arising magic of visions appearing on the road. Here, dreams, enchanting illusions, and startling insights abound, and, best of all, the texture of everyday details that show us what a good day can feel like anywhere. She loves to get lost in cities and found in nature. She has often been spotted sporting a Berlin Notebook while aimlessly wandering down alleyways and loitering in cafes. #nomadicscript هناوهناك#

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