Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 BLACK LABEL

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Unique fountain pen ink composition by the contemporary painter Viktor Walter.

This hand made fountain pen ink is a further development of the popular Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1. While most fountain pen enthusiasts appreciated the coppery sheen of our No. 1, we also received many requests asking for the same blue ink, only without the sheen.

Great idea, we thought! It’s just much more complicated than it sounds. The original No. 1 is a very rich color – yes, we didn’t save money on the color! – and the sheen is a natural quality of such intensive ink. It’s not an extra additive. It’s rather something like an overtone in music. You can’t just cut the sheen away. And it also heavily depends on the paper.

Berlin Notebook No. 1 BLACK LABEL is an attempt to do the impossible. After many tests, we found a formula with color matching the spectrum of the No.1 and (almost) no sheen. We hope you will enjoy it as you did the original No. 1!

Product Features:

  • 30 ml bottle of a premium fountain pen ink
  • very rich blue color with a reduced sheen
  • hand-made
  • packed in a paper box
  • Made in Germany

This fountain pen ink was developed to work best with the recycled paper used in the original Berlin Notebook. However, it looks good on most papers.

Please notice: The experience of using a fountain pen ink depends heavily on the context. Type of the fountain pen, size of the nib, quality of the paper but also the writing style and even the temperature of the environment may all have a strong influence on the ultimate experience of a fountain pen ink. The use of very dense paper (e.g., watercolor paper) may still result in sheen.



1 review for Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 BLACK LABEL

  1. I have tried your Blue N°1 – Black label – ink with several papers and nibs: excellent / no bleedthrough – no feathering – good flow (my references are the Aurora Black and Blue inks)… and I find the color is very nice.

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