Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1


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11,99 aber richtig gut. Richtig gutes Zeug.*

Unique fountain pen ink composition by the contemporary painter Viktor Walter.

This fountain pen ink was developed to work best with the recycled paper used in the original Berlin Notebook. However, it looks good on a regular copy paper too.

Coming soon: Interview with Viktor Walter.


“It’s by far the most special blue ink I’ve ever own or seen.”

“The amazing No. 1 is a killer.”

“If you like rich blues you will love this one!

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Product Features:

  • 30 ml bottle of a premium fountain pen ink
  • very rich blue color with a light copper sheen
  • hand-made
  • packed in a paper box
  • Made in Germany


*Each time I was working on this specific color composition, a congenial song appeared regularly on my playlist. “Richtig gutes Zeug” (“A really great stuff” in English) by Deichkind. I think it wasn’t by coincidence.
— Viktor Walter


Please notice: The experience of using a fountain pen ink depends heavily on the context. Type of the fountain pen, size of the nib, quality of the paper but also the writing style and even the temperature of the environment may all have a strong influence on the ultimate experience of a fountain pen ink.



1 review for Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1

  1. blank

    I’m very fond of this ink. It has a rich, vibrant color, and the copper sheen is a subtle touch that delicately accents harder strokes, but without being garish. I find this pen works especially well with wetter nibs that allow for more variation in line thickness. I use it in my Vintage MB 146. I was a bit hesitant to use it with the splint ebonite feed (I was afraid of how the sheen would be absorbed by the ebonite – but it has not caused any issues.

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