Bundle: Edition 1 & Berlin Notebook® original


A perfect gift for all creative Berlin fans. World-wide flat rate shipping.

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This bundle is a perfect gift set for all creative Berlin fans.
Get Berlin Notebook, Edition 1, Whisky & Words I and Berlin Notebook – the original. World-wide flat rate shipping.

Berlin Notebook, Edition 1

This notebook anthology is a tribute to the handwritten poetry of Berlin’s Whisky & Words community. Over the course of a year, poets, writers and wordsmiths have contributed to several notebooks with their stories and poems, which were circulated between the performers each month at Keith bar in Neukölln. A few of these words have been selected for this faithfully printed edition in a unique notebook anthology that serves for reading, writing and creating. With poems and stories by: Tuli, H. L. Reid, Alex Rezdan, Kiana Minkie, Ida Loggert, J.B., Nesrin Kozan and Belle Tohrp.

  • 200 numbered copies
  • 105 x 158 mm
  • 48 pages made of finest 100 g/m2 recycling paper
  • Riso printed and handbound in Berlin
  • Video preview: https://youtu.be/aWwH_f3Ossg
Berlin Notebook, Edition 1 : Whisky & Words I

Herausgegeben von Peter Koval und Carolina Robinson

© 2017 Berlin Notebook, Berlin, und die Autoren
Alle Rechte vorbehalten
Lektorat: Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck & Herausgeber
Covertypografie: Verena Gerlach
Druck und Bindung: We make it Berlin
Risodruck auf 100% Recyclingpapier
ISBN 978-3-00-057897-7

Berlin Notebook – the original

48 pages of finest recycling paper.
Perfect for your notes & sketches.

  • 105 x 158 mm
  • 48 pages made of finest 100 g/m2 recycling paper, matt, bright white, plain
  • cover made of well aging 350 g/m2 recycling paper, greige
  • last 8 pages are perforated
  • saddle stitched
  • rounded edges
  • cover designed by Berlin typographer Verena Gerlach
  • Made in Berlin


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