New Red No. 5

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Unique fountain pen ink composition by the visual artist Caroline Corleone.

Product Features:

  • 30 ml bottle of a premium fountain pen ink
  • very rich pink color with a light golden sheen
  • hand-made
  • packed in a paper box
  • Made in Germany

This fountain pen ink was developed to work best with the 100% recycled paper used in the original Berlin Notebook. However, it looks good on most papers.

Please notice: The experience of using a fountain pen ink depends heavily on the context. Type of the fountain pen, size of the nib, quality of the paper but also the writing style and even the temperature of the environment may all have a strong influence on the ultimate experience of a fountain pen ink.


Listen to the interview with Caroline Corleone – the artist behind New Red No.5:

1 review for New Red No. 5

  1. It is a happy and lively color that is pleasant to look at. The ink is dry and dries very fast, around 10 seconds on most papers. On cheap printer paper, there will be threading and ghosting, on the verge of bleeding. I suspect there is some kind of small particles in the ink to cause the shimmer. Sometimes I feel that it gets stuck in the feed and the pen stops writing. This is very random and after a few tries, it writes nicely again. There is also a certain coating in the pen when it is unused, something that disappears when I pick up the pen and start writing.

    When it comes to cleaning, a few extra rinses are required and the ink is happy to stay in the tip. It also discolors a little on transparent pens and demonstraters. If you get it on your hands, it is difficult to get rid of and requires many washes.
    I like the ink much more than I first thought and I am happy to write with it. Due to the discoloration, I will dedicate some pens to use it with, but I will definitely continue to use it. Also tried to paint with the ink as watercolor and it was very concentrated and lasted a long time.

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