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Berlin Tea Time Cup by Ninalu



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This teacup was designed and handmade exclusively for Berlin Notebook by Ninalu.

Ninalu is a minimalistic ecodesign label founded in 2015 in Berlin by the German-Sri Lankan designer and photographer Luka Alagiyawanna. Known for its unique jewelry, fashion, and home decor, the beauty of Ninalu designs comes from the very German aesthetics of reduction and the rich experience of Sri Lankan nature and its materials.

  • design: Ninalu by Luka Alagiyawanna
  • handmade cup
  • ca. 150 ml
  • dimensions: diameter ca. 72 mm, height ca. 68mm
  • designed and hand made in Berlin
  • celebrates the irregularity of minimalistic hand made teaware – each cup and saucer is unique
  • comes in a cardboard box, securely packed in paper


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