Green Yabe Tea


The signature Sencha of the Chiyonoen tea garden deep in the Kyushu mountains.

bittersweet, savory, floral, melon


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The signature Sencha of the Chiyonoen tea garden invigorates and captivates the senses with its rich umami body and fresh floral fragrance. Grown on a small organic farm deep in the Kyushu mountains, it harnesses the pure essence of the traditional Japanese green tea. With a cup of this revitalizing high-end sencha next to your journal, you will never have to be afraid of a blank page.

Tasting notes: bittersweet, savory, floral, melon 


Recommended preparation: 2tbs / 120ml / 75°C / 2 infusions / 60 sec.
Feel free to experiment!

Ingredients: 50g of 100% green tea

Cover artwork by Yuki Mikami.


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