Smoky Yabe Tea


Finest Japanese hojicha from the Yabe village, Fukuoka.

woodsmoke, caramel, rice crackers, pine nuts, fresh straw


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Finest Japanese roasted green tea from the Yabe village, deep in the mountains of the Fukuoka Prefecture. This distinctive hojicha envelops you with its nicely balanced woodsmoke aroma, mellow sweet taste of caramel, nuts and brisk fresh straw note. Low on caffeine, this tea is a perfect drink for your late-night writing sessions.

woodsmoke, caramel, rice crackers, pine nuts, fresh straw


Recommended preparation: 3g (2tsp) / 120ml (4oz) / 95°C (200°F) / 3 infusions / 45 sec.
Suitable for cold brew. Feel free to experiment!

Ingredients: 50g of 100% roasted green tea

Cover artwork by Yuki Mikami.


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