Tara Deacon

Tara Deacon is a South African illustrator and painter living in Berlin. Her work explores the naive and simple nature of everyday observations, a nostalgic mix of memory and place – both real and imagined. Her curiosity to play with colors and how they work with one another in a composition express a cohesive flavor of optimism and vibrance reminiscent of her homeland.

Tara Deacon Painting
Tara Deacon, © 2020.

Berlin has always given me a sense of freedom and a place where I can breathe. In the past few years, this has enabled me to take my creative practice slowly with intention and create a lot of room for experimentation and play!

In 2020 Tara Deacon created a series with the title Surroundings. The series explores themes of isolation and confinement within the home and a newfound appreciation & curiosity of mundane household objects and familiar scenes. The artworks were painted exclusively with the Berlin Notebook Blue No. 1 ink.

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