Verena Gerlach

Verena Gerlach. Portrait by Marc Eckardt
Verena Gerlach. Photo: © Marc Eckardt

The iconic cover of the original Berlin Notebook was designed by the renowned German typographer and graphic designer Verena Gerlach. The inspiration for its signature design comes from the typography of Berlin’s street signs. The design tells the story of a city undergoing radical changes, reflecting the wild 1980s and 1990s and the recent re-discovery of the ornamental in a somewhat settled, cosmopolitan metropolis.

I always found it fascinating to discover local typography and lettering. This fascination goes far beyond my hometown Berlin. I love to travel, and for me, the experience of the written word in public spaces shapes the genius loci of a specific place.

Verena Gerlach

1998, Verena Gerlach founded her studio for graphic design, type design, and typography in Berlin. Since 2006, she has worked as a freelance book designer for art book publishers, museums, and artists. She started lecturing in type design and typography in 2003, and she now gives lectures and workshops all over the globe. Besides designing corporate fonts for global companies, she also is working on the typographic production for international, contemporary artists.

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