Yuki Mikami

Yuki Mikami is a contemporary Japanese visual artist. She graduated from the renowned, Bauhaus influenced Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo. In her works, she continuously explores the relationship between drawing, calligraphy, and handwriting. She doesn’t need much – her favorite medium is grease pencil on paper – to deconstruct the aesthetics of handwriting and to open up an imaginative space for the visual (re-)formation of meaning.

Yuki Mikami
Self Portrait. © shortbangs 2019.

A beautiful, wondrous space full of monochromatic, almost recognizable, as if readable, strangely familiar shapes and lines. Imaginative minimalism at its best.

To highlight the holistic experience of handwriting and drinking tea, we asked Yuki Mikami to create a series of original artworks for our collection. We are delighted to present to you her works together with our tea selection.

Discover the Berlin Notebook Tea Collection
by Yuki Mikami: